2011 BHCC National Specialty

BHCC 51st Specialty Show Results
Saturday June 4,st 2011

Judge: Diane Malenfant (Click here for judge bio)

Junior Puppy Dog Class
1st-0333 Hullabaloo’s Willing To take The Risk, Breeder/Owner Debra Hull

Senior Puppy Dog Class
1st-0161 Hullabaloo’n Obies Smoke, Breeder Obrien/Hull, Owner Denise Lavoie
2nd- Lowryders Staple’s, Breeder/Owners Joe and Elaine McKinnon

Canadian Bred Dog Class
1st-0340 Lowryders My Boy Baxter, Breeder/Owners Joe and Elaine McKinnon

Open Dog Class
1st-0141 Hullbaloo’s First Love, Breeder Debra Hull, Owner Mariola Gosk

0340 Lowryders My Boy Baxter

0141 Hullbaloo’s First Love

Veteran Dog Class
1st-0048 Wilburdans Atticus, Breeder Rose Dancocks, Owner Anna Phillips
2nd-0479 Soundtracks Expedition Sailor, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen

Senior Puppy Bitch Class
1st-0337 Lowryders Toast to Destiney, Breeder/Owners Joe and Elaine McKinnon

Canadian Bred Bitch Class
1st-0339 Lowryders McIntosh Toffee, Breeder/Owner Joe and Elaine McKinnon
2nd-0055 Hullabaloo’s Melt My Heart, Breeder Debra Hull, Owner Leander van Rooijen
3rd-0087 Howlhavens Tinker Bell, Breeders/Owners Carol and Bob Bedell and Lou and Roxanna Bowman

Bred By Bitch Class
1st- 0685 Cheers Livtosleepin, Breeder/Owner Cheryl Winters
2nd-0478 Soundtrack Almost Paradise, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen

Open Bitch Class
1st-0572 Lyn-Mar Acres Yesteryear, Breeder Margaret S Walton, Owner Suzanne Sosne
2nd-0095 Bugle Bays Icing on The Cake, Breeder Margery Cook, Owner Dan D. Dietrich
3rd-0700 Foxglen Feather in Your Cap, Breeder Scott ad Betsey Deans, Owner Scott and Betsey Deans and Grace Servais
4th-0476 Soundtrack Wink of an Eye, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen

0572 Lyn–Mar Acres Yesteryear

Veteran Bitch
1st-0158 Wilburdans Bittersweet Memory, Breeder/Owner Rose Dancocks

2nd-0480 CH Soundtrack Cracklin’ Rose, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen
3rd-0336 Bassetarium Obieo’Hullabaloo, Breeder Helene Dufour, Owner Margaret Obrien & Debra Hull

0160 CH Hullabaloo’s Chasing Pavements, Breeder Debra Hull, Owners Denise Lavoie & Debra Hull

0334- G CH Hullabaloo’s Breath of Spring CGN, Breeder/Owner Debra Hull

0572 Lyn-Mar Acres Yesteryear, Breeder Margaret S Walton, Owner Suzanne Sosne

0340 Lowryders My Boy Baxter, Breeder/Owners Joe and Elaine McKinnon

0699 CH Foxglens Special Forces, Breeder Scott and Betsy Deans, Myer Bishop, Owners Scott and Betsy Deans

0425 CH Smylieridges Fairy Bells Lilly, Breeder/Owner Janet Smylie

0160 Hullabaloo’s Chasing Pavements

0048 Wilburdans Atticus, Breeder Rose Dancocks, Owner Anna Phillips

0480 CH Sondtracks Cracklin’Rose, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen

BOB/WD 0085 Howlhavens Scootin SCoobie, Breeders Carol and Bob Bedell, Owners Dave and Vivian Wales

337/339 Lowryders Toast to Destiney and Lowryders McIntosh Toffee, Breeders/Owners Joe and Elaine McKinnon

1st- 0334 G CH Hullabaloo’s Breath offspring CGN, Breeder/Owner Debra Hull

2nd- 0481 CH Soundtrack Spice Up Your Life, Breeder/Owner Miriam Dalfen


I would like to thank the club for inviting me to judge your dogs.
I apologize for not being able to give you as specific a critique as I would have liked. I was recording my comments on my recorder which, for some reason did not record my comments on the dog classes.
My Winners Dog was a good representative of the breed, being very typey and correct overall. He had a beautiful head and expression, good bone front and rear, good topline and adequate ribbing.
The bitch classes exhibited excellent shoulder placements, nice smooth shoulders, proper neck length, smooth and long rib cages, and adequate bone, both front and rear.
My Winners Bitch was exceptional in all the areas listed above.
Her topline was level in stack and movement and she used herself well on the go-around. She was an outstanding example of bitch type.
My Reserve Bitch was also of very high quality and gave the Winners Bitch a run for the title of Winners. She was very correct and had a good topline, lovely ribcage, excellent front assembly and moved correctly and purposefully on the go-around. She had lovely bone.
In terms of the overall entry I was impressed with the length and smoothness of ribcages, lovely headpieces, adequate bone front and rear, lovely long and draped ears and dark eyes throughout. All the bites were correct! The dogs were clean and well groomed. Temperaments were all great.
One area needed for improvement in many of the dogs and bitches were “feet”. I saw way too many flat and/or splayed feet. As a working hound, it is vital to have strong feet.
It was a tough job judging Best of Breed with so many lovely examples of correct Basset type and movement. My final considerations came down to correct shoulder placements and assemblies, good prosternums, level toplines, large, correct feet, and the ability to use themselves both front and rear on the go-around. I truly loved my Best of Breed and Best Opposite. Both exceeded my expectations. The only difference was that the topline on the Best of Breed dog was stronger than on the bitch. I later learned why that was true. I had no idea I gave the son and mother the top 2 awards. It was a hard decision to choose only two Awards of Merit. The breeders should be very proud of the quality they are breeding. I was impressed.
Thank you again for the opportunity to judge such a lovely entry of Canadian Basset Hounds.

Diane Malenfant